Swan Lake Act 4 Finales: Different Interpretations Of How Odette And Siegfried End Up

1) Below: The Royal Ballet version of Swan Lake with Rudolph Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn filmed in 1967

2) Below: Paris Opera Ballet in Nureyev’s version with Agnès Letestu, José Martinez, Karl Paquette, and 32 swans

3) Below: Hungarian National Ballet Company with Aleszja Popova and Zoltàn Nagy and the corps de ballet around 2008

4) Below: The Bolshoi Ballet’s Maya Plisetkaya as Odette with Alexander Bogatyrev as Siegfried, done for film 1976

5) Below: American Ballet Theatre (old version) in 1976 with Natalia Makarova,  Ivan Nagy and Marcos Paredes

6) Below: Natalia Makarova & Anthony Dowell With The Royal ballet At Covent Garden In 1980

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